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ൺϣѯ޹˾www.joshualeeproperties.com  2015-11-06

ϣ빫˾www.joshualeeproperties.com2015116˽⵽ɭ(Exxon Mobil)ڽŦԼܼ쳤ĵǷ仯ռܶԹ˾ӰͶߺ͹NY probes ExxonMobil over climate change risk claims ExxonMobil is being investigated by the New York state attorney-general over whether it misled investors and the public about climate change risks and how it could affect the company.

Attorney-general Eric Schneiderman sent a subpoena to the company on Wednesday requesting emails, financial records and other documents, said people familiar with the case. ֪ʿʾܼ쳤?ʩε(Eric Schneiderman)ɭڷ˴ƱҪԷṩʼ¼ļ

The broad probe captures company activities starting from the 1970s until this year, and includes occasions when ExxonMobil funded groups that criticised research in support of climate change. δ麭˰ɭڴ1970ֱĻаù˾м֧仯о̬ȵ

Mr Schneidermans office is inquiring into whether ExxonMobil made adequate disclosures to investors about the risks related to the push to limit the use of fossil fuels. The agency is also examining the companys climate change impact disclosures to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. ʩε칫ҿʼйŬƻʯȼʹõɭǷͶ߽˳ֵ¶ð칫Ҳʼù˾仯Ӱ췽֤(SEC)¶

The SEC declined to comment on whether it was investigating ExxonMobil over disclosures to investors. ֤ܾԼǷͶͶߵ¶԰ɭʵʩ

Mr Schneidermans office is also examining ExxonMobil for consumer fraud and has asked the company for materials related to marketing, advertising and communications regarding climate change, people familiar with the case said. ֪ʿʩε칫ҲڵɭǷƭҪù˾ṩй仯Ӫ

ExxonMobil confirmed it had received a subpoena and was assessing its response. The company also said it has included information about the business risk of climate change for many years in its securities filings, Corporate Citizenship Report, and in other reports to shareholders. ɭ֤ʵյ˴ƱоλӦù˾ҲʾƱҪṩ֤ȯ걨ļҵ񱨸Թɶйض仯ɵҵյ

Ken Cohen, vice-president of public and government affairs, told a media conference call that the company began making disclosures about climate risks in 2007. At that time, it also began calculating the affect of a price on carbon to include in its cost planning for major projects, he said. һý绰ɭڸ𹫹ĸܲÿ?ƶ(Ken Cohen)ʾù˾2007Ϳʼ¶˵ù˾ʱҲʼ̼۵ӰԱڶشĿijɱ滮мԿ



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