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青岛希尼尔翻译咨询有限公司(www.joshualeeproperties.com)整理发布  2015-11-19


青岛希尼尔翻译公司(www.joshualeeproperties.com)2015年11月19日了解到:中国经济增长放缓产生了一个全新的“中国威胁论”;不担心中国过去经济快速发展的影响,有些人反而认为中国已经成为世界经济的负担。人民日报独家采访的人士认为,这些指控远非真相。The slowdown in China’s economic growth has generated a brand-new “China threat theory”; Instead of worrying about the influence of China’s speedy development in the past, some people believe that the nation has become a burden on the world economy. Exclusive interviews conducted by People’s Daily argue that such accusations are far from the truth.
  When returning home in November, Gerard Preper, the owner of a small business in Germany, was proud of the trophy he had received in China.Preper attended a start-up firms competition held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province for his patented heat engine, which can be used in steel mills, power plants and solar energy plants. Preper noted that the Chinese government attaches great importance to ecological civilization and has set ambitious targets on environmental protection and new energy development. A number of German new energy companies have entered the Chinese market, wishing to enjoy a slice of the development of the green economy in China.
  Gerard Preper,德国一家小公司的老板,十一月回国时,他因在中国获得的奖杯而自豪。Preper准备参加一个广东深圳举行的创业企业大赛,他的专利-热引 擎,可用于钢厂,发电厂和太阳能发电厂。Preper指出,中国政府高度重视生态文明并已经设定了环保和新能源发展的宏伟目标。一些德国新能源公司已经进 入中国市场,希望在中国享受一片绿色经济的发展。
  Preper also established an institute called“German Technology Bridge.”He organized a dozen German start-ups to visit China last year to promote cooperation in fields of fresh water treatment, pharmacy, professional education and information technology.
  Preper 也建立了一所叫做“德国技术的桥梁”的机构。为了提升新鲜水处理,制药业,专业教育与信息技术领域的合作,去年他组织了十几个德国初创企业访问了中国。
  Preper’s story is the epitome of cooperation between China and Germany in the field of green economy. The phrases “green economy” and “environmental protection” were highlighted in the cooperative guidelines between China and Germany released last year.
  Preper 的故事是中国与德国在绿色经济领域合作的缩影。在中国和德国去年发布的合作指南中强调了“绿色经济”和“环!。
  Following the strategy of sustainable development raised by the government, Chinese entrepreneurs are thirsty for international cooperation, creating a huge demand for environmental friendly technology and products, said Wang Weidong, the Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Germany, told the People’s Daily.
  Flooding of Chinese tourists a major pillar to South Korean economy
  Cosmetics counters at the Lotte duty free store in Seoul provides Chinese-language product lists, Chinese interpreters and supports Union Pay debit and credit payments for Chinese customers. In 2014,statistics indicated that the average consumption of Chinese tourists exceeded that of other nations’ tourists, reaching 1.55 million won each (about $13,00). Besides, the number of Chinese tourists increased 40 percent during the past year. Tourism has become a major source of growth in the South Korean economy.
  首尔乐天免税店的 化妆品柜台提供中文产品清单,中文翻译,并为中国客户提供银联卡和信用卡付款。 2014,据统计,中国游客的平均消费量远超其他国家的游客,达到每人155万韩元(约1300美元)。此外,在过去一年,中国游客人数增长了40%。旅 游业已经成为韩国经济增长的主要来源。
  Zou Xinqiang, a vice-chairman of the South Korean tourism industry association and honorary deputy mayor of Seoul, told the People’s Daily, the substantial growth of Chinese tourists helped boost South Korea’s industries as a whole, from research centers, processing plants, to sales and logistics.
  Statistics showed more than 100 million Chinese people traveled abroad in 2014. According to another report released by World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) in September, Market Investigation on Chinese Citizen Overseas Travel Consumption (2014-15), Chinese tourists accounted for 9.58 percent of total outbound travelers worldwide in 2014. The overall value of China’s outbound travel consumption reached $165 billion, accounting for 11 percent of the world’s travel consumption.
  统计显示,2014年1亿多名中国人到国外旅行。据世界旅游城市联合会九月公布的报告显示,中国公民境外旅游消费市场调查 (2014-15年),2014年中国出境游客占世界总游客的9.58%。中国出境旅游消费达到1650亿美元,占到了世界旅游消费的11%。
  ‘Made-in-China’ appears on Guinea’s currency
  The Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea issued a new 20,000-franc banknote in 2015, adorned with Kaleta Hydropower Station, the largest cooperative project between China and Guinea.
  Constructed by China International Water and Electronic Corporation, the Kaleta Hydropower Station came into operation at the end of September
  Sekou, the power plant’s executive administration manager, told the People’s Daily that Kaleta could produce the electricity that meets the demand of most regions of the country, especially the capital. China’s investment benefits greatly the local residents. He noted that Kaleta has employed more than 2,000 local workers, most of whom are youngsters.
  Sekou, 发电厂的行政经理,告诉人民日报,卡莱塔可以满足全国大部分地区的电力需求,尤其是省会城市。中国的投资大大地有利于当地居民。他指出,卡莱塔聘用了当地2000多名工人,其中大多数是年轻人。
  Situated in Limpopo Province, South Africa, the Mamba cement project, which was built by China’s Jidong Development Group, is another example of cooperation between China and African countries.
  Zhang Xinghua, a project manager of Mamba cement, said there were more than 100 employees at the plant, which may later create another 400 job opportunities for local people.
  Officials from local governments echoed Zhang’s opinion, saying that the cement plant helped alleviate poverty, decrease unemployment and eradicate social inequity in this region.
  Jaya Josie, head of the BRICS Research Centre in the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, South Africa, told the People’s Daily that thanks to the Belt and Road initiative, China could transfer from Africa’s largest importing country to its biggest investor in the future.
  Statistics show even with a growth rate of 6.9 percent in the first three quarters, which was slightly lower than last year, China’s contribution to world economy could reach 30 percent of overall growth.
  统计数据显示,即使前三季度6.9%的增长率,略低于去年,但中国对世界经济的贡献率达到总体增长的30%。 来源:人民网



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