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青岛希尼尔翻译咨询有限公司(www.joshualeeproperties.com)整理发布  2016-02-29


青岛希尼尔翻译公司(www.joshualeeproperties.com)2016年2月29日了解到:Officials led by host country officials Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei, center left in front, and People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, center right in front, pose for a family photo of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting at the Pudong Shangri-la Hotel in Shanghai, Feb. 27, 2016.


Finance officials of the world’s 20 biggest economies meeting in Shanghai promised Saturday to use all policy tools available to promote global growth and avoid “competitive devaluations” of their currencies to boost exports.


At the end of a two-day conference in the Chinese business hub, finance ministers and heads of central banks in the Group of 20 (G20) issued a statement acknowledging that “vulnerabilities have risen” in the global economy, including volatile capital flows, the European refugee crisis and the possibility of British exit from the European Union.


Moderate growth in advanced economies


The statement said that growth should continue at a “moderate pace” in advanced economies and “remains strong” in developing countries.


Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew welcomed the agreement to avoid the devaluation of currencies and urged governments to push ahead with reforms.

在会后的记者招待会上,美国财长Jacob Lew 表示,对此次会议就避免竞争性货币贬值及敦促各国加强经济改革的共识表示认同。

US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew holds a press conference after sessions of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting at the Pudong Shangri-la Hotel in Shanghai, Feb. 27, 2016. "We need to redouble our efforts to boost global demand, rather than rely on the United States as the consumer of first and last resort," he said. "It’s also important that all G20 honor their commitments to refrain from competition devaluation and to not target exchange rates for competitive purposes."


Intuition is cool and all, but it’s not guaranteed to be right. "Never go to your boss with a feeling that you can’t back up with data," Woodward said. Your boss may very well care about your beliefs or your first instincts, but to ensure your senses are properly working, do some research before spilling your guts.


Fragile recovery


International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde urged the group to take“collective” and “deliberate” actions to avoid a derailment of the economic recovery.

国际货币基金组织总裁Christine Lagarde敦促各方采取“集体的”和“深思熟虑的”行动共同避免世界经济复苏脱离轨道。

"Our conclusion, which I shared with the members of the G20, is that without collective deliberate action on the part of policy members, and implementation, there is a risk that the recovery could derail. So my sense is that there was in the room, a renewed sense of urgency, and a renewed sense for collective action," she said.


Consequences of possible ’Brexit’


British Finance Minister George Osborne said that the G20 closing statement’s reference to unease over Britain’s possible departure from the EU emphasized its potential consequences.

英语财长George Osborne 在G20会议闭幕时上提到对于英国退欧的担忧,并强调其可能引发的后果。

A possible vote to withdraw “is among the biggest economic dangers this year,” Osbornesaid. “If that’s their assessment of the impact on the world economy, imagine what it would do to the U.K.”


A significant boost for Prime Minister David Cameron and Osborne, came when Lew expressed strong U.S. support for Britain’s continued membership in the EU.

当Law表示美国强力支持英国在EU的继留权后,首相David Cameron和Osborne,获得了广泛的支持。




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